Approaching the Ancestors and Spirit Helpers with Relational Core Values

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What have you discovered in your endeavors to build fulfilling relationships with other people? You've undoubtedly done some introspection and personal work and realized that you carry some baggage from a flawed upbringing and/or culture. What are you likely to bring or transfer into your relationship with the other than humans that won't be very useful in light of what you have learned about yourself?

Do you have a hard time accepting aid or do you prefer to be quite independent? or do you occupy the entire area? or do you  lack confidence? Whatever it is, pay attention to the input you've received from others about the areas where your relationships could use development.

Bring it into the work with you, whatever it is, because there's a strong possibility you might replicate it when you approach the other than humans.

Find ways every day to communicate with beings other than humans by using your voice or singing, or however it naturally comes to you.

- Speak to the others more often now that you are aware that you are not speaking to yourself. Regularize it. If you are a parent, you are setting an example of a more relational style of living.

- You may also open up channels for prayer, invoking the help of others to request items you might need for your life, the lives of those you love, or the welfare of the entire planet. It might entail singing or vocalising.

- Begin to experiment with the perspective of seeing the non-human world to be made up of people, to be a source of interpersonal relationships with all the complexity, potential closeness, and potential misunderstanding that entails.

Blessed be and peace profound!

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